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Howard Pell retired at the age of 60 after a long career in the computer science industry. Educating adults for most of his working life, he wanted to share his experience of the retirement process to help others with that transition.  After 2 years of retirement, he published his first book Retire Fit, Fit & Fit in 2016, focusing on the insight that 3 areas of retirement life – Financial, Physical and Emotional – needed to be in harmony.  He realized that the retirement activities that create an Emotionally Fit retirement also place physical demands on an aging body. Teaming with his former fitness coach Missy Gore to identify appropriate exercises and workouts to address these retirement demands, they co-authored his second book, Retire Fit with S.A.F.E. Workouts.

Aside from writing books in his retirement, Howard is very active with his Rotary club, is an amateur filmmaker and enjoys travel and fishing. He is married to Rosemary and they live in Kitchener Ontario Canada. His first book Retire Fit, Fit & Fit is available on-line or directly from the author at www.howardpell.ca

Missy Gore is a Certified Personal Trainer living in Ottawa Ontario Canada, with over 7 years of personal trainer experience and many fitness certifications. She owns and operates MVMT101 (www.mvmt101.ca) a mobile personal training service. She works with private clients teaching individual sessions, and group exercise bootcamps and TRX programs. Missy also provides private stretch treatments as a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist to clients and athletes. Before moving to Ottawa, she was Howard Pell’s personal trainer and used her sessions to not only guide him through his workout, but to educate him on overall fitness. Retire Fit with S.A.F.E. Workouts is her first book.

In a natural progression as an athlete turned parent, Missy and her husband are now coaching their kids as they pursue their athletic dreams and goals. She will forever love soccer, as her two boys and husband Greg are head over heels about it as well.

In Retire Fit with S.A.F.E. Workouts Howard and Missy take the refreshing approach of tailoring exercise routines to specific activities. The book’s easy-to-follow format, sprinkled with personal fitness anecdotes, will inspire you to stay fit to achieve your retirement dreams. Anne Kay

Retired Communication Consultant

Retire Fit With S.A.F.E. Workouts

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