Our Video Series supplements the instructions in the book and gives a visual of the core set of exercises to get Strong, Able, Flexible & Energetic. In each Tab you’ll find a Table of Contents of the available videos.  For a specific exercise, click the link to view.  Watch this page as new videos are added. Or, go to FaceBook @retirefit and subscribe to the YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are available.

The tabs provide:

  • Fundamentals: 3 basic movements to get the most benefit from the workouts and protect your body
  • Staple 6: exercises to do every day or before your work-out, to activate your muscles for movement. Coach Missy suggests you do them in the order we present for best impact on your body.
  • Stretchy 7: stretches to cool down and relax the body after a workout, and on a daily basis to stay flexible. Do in the order presented for ease of transition.
  • Energetic 8: cardio exercises to strengthen your heart and lungs for endurance and energy

Retire Fit With S.A.F.E. Workouts

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