To Help You On Your Journey to Get Fit For Your Retirement:

We recognize everybody is different, and every body is different. The goal of our book is to focus your exercising so you can meet your Emotional Fitness goals safely. Yes, safely. Get clearance from your health team, especially if you have been sedentary or have some physical limitations.

No matter what activity you do, there is always the opportunity for physical discomfort or injury (minor or serious). Everything in this book has been laid out with zero intention of pain. The old saying of ‘no pain no gain’ is just that, it’s old.

Listen to your body and how it responds. If you are uncomfortable with an exercise, then modify it, use the suggested alternative, omit it completely, or replace it with another exercise targeting the same goals. When you first start the exercises you may need to do fewer repetitions or sets if you find your body protesting a certain move. Be sure to STOP when you reach that point of protest. Or, see if you can modify the exercise to deal with your discomfort.

4 Steps To Link Your Physical and Emotional Fitness

This book guides you to structure and create a fitness workout plan to suit you and your body for a fit and happy retirement. We suggest a 4 step approach. Click on the Step to download worksheets to create your plan.


Identify your desired retirement activities

Download Blank Emotional Fitness Worksheet: from Retire Fit, Fit & Fit (2016):
.pdf  file



Record your recommended workouts for the activity, and adjust for your needs

Download Blank Personal Worksheet:
.xls file | .pdf  file



Plan your workouts and record your success


Monitor your progress

Download Personal Fitness Evaluations Testing Results:
.xls file | .pdf  file

These exercises are fundamental, functional and fun!

Rebecca Vandenberg

Personal Trainer

Retire Fit With S.A.F.E. Workouts

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